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Therapy Dog

Meet Maxwell, the heart and soul of our virtual psychology clinic and the adorable sidekick of our founder, Adele Turco. This mini golden doodle is more than just a furry friend – he’s a ray of sunshine with a tail!

Maxwell’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. Whether he’s chasing squirrels during leisurely walks or zooming after his beloved soccer ball, his energy knows no bounds. With his floppy ears and wagging tail, he’s the epitome of puppy charm.

At our clinic, Maxwell’s playful antics and lovable personality bring smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts. He’s proof that sometimes, all you need is a furry friend to make everything feel alright.

Maxwell serves as the unofficial stress-relief therapist, offering a gentle reminder that he wants to share: to find moments of gratitude and embrace the joy in every situation (even the challenging ones). With his goofy antics and infectious enthusiasm, he’s like a breath of fresh air when the day feels overwhelming.

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