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Chief Happiness Officer (Canine Division)

Chief Happiness Officer (Canine Division)

Meet Maxwell, the resident pup-therapist at our virtual psychology clinic! He’s more than just our clinical director’s adorable sidekick (though he excels in that role too ). This mini golden doodle is a certified cuddle monster and a ray of sunshine with a wagging tail.

Approach: Whether he’s chasing squirrels with boundless energy or greeting clients with a shower of floppy ears and slobbery kisses, Maxwell brings smiles and warmth wherever he goes. He’s a living reminder that sometimes, the best therapy comes with fur and four paws.

Why Maxwell’s Paw-fect for Our Clinic: Maxwell isn’t just here for cuddles (although they’re highly encouraged!). His playful antics and infectious enthusiasm offer a much-needed dose of stress relief. He reminds us to find moments of gratitude and embrace the joy in everyday situations, even the tough ones. He’s basically a walking stress ball… Of the best kind!

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Chief Happiness Officer (Canine Division)
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Children, Teens, Adults
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Expert in Paw-sitive Affirmations